Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been calmly sipping coffee at his favourite Brisbane cafe with wife Therese and daughter Jessica, while keeping Australia guessing about a possible election date.

Earlier on Sunday, he walked out of his Morningside home to announce two major breakthroughs.

Victoria has reached a deal with the federal government on school funding and Western Australia has signed up to the national disability care scheme.

Then it was off to his local Anglican Church at Bulimba to attend a service.

Mr Rudd had been widely expected to announce a September 7 poll date and visit the Governor General on Sunday or Monday.

But on Saturday he hinted he wanted to attend a G20 summit, which cancels out that date.

That raised the prospect the election could be pushed out to at least September 21.

Looking calm and confident, Mr Rudd and Therese Rein greeted media outside the church but refused to give anything away.

Shoving his jumper into his wife's bag, they strolled down Oxford Street, Bulimba, stopping to chat to a woman who they met through a charity some years ago.

"He's not doing a press conference, we're just going to have coffee with my mum," Ms Rein told reporters.

"Folks, these people need to get through," Rudd said to the horde of cameramen walking backwards ahead of him.

"There are innocent people behind you."

Mr Rudd enjoyed a 15 minute coffee before making a mad dash to his car.

A spokeswoman for the prime minister's office told AAP Mr Rudd will fly to Canberra late on Sunday ahead of a cabinet meeting on Monday around midday.

Education Minister Bill Shorten told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday the election being called "isn't hinging" on the Victorian school funding deal.

The date was a matter for Mr Rudd, he said.