BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) — The United Nations says Colombia reduced its area under coca cultivation by 25 percent last year, its biggest annual reduction since the international body began monitoring it in 2001.

Experts say neighboring Peru has displaced Colombia as host to the world's biggest crop of the plant, the raw material for cocaine.

The U.N. Office of Drugs and Crime is not slated to release 2012 Peru numbers until next month.

The UNODC says the Colombia's crop fell to 185 square miles (48,000 hectares) last year. The U.N. had placed Peru's crop at 240 square miles (62,500 hectares) in 2011.

Peru says it destroyed 54 square miles (14,000 hectares) of coca last year, all manually.

That compares to 505 square miles (131,000 hectares) eradicated in Colombia, most via U.S.-funded aerial spraying.