NSW Labor Party boss Sam Dastyari is an "outstanding talent" who will do a great job if elected to the Senate, Foreign Minister Bob Carr says.

The 30-year-old Labor powerbroker, who played a backroom role in Mr Rudd's leadership coup against Julia Gillard in June, has nominated to fill the vacancy left by former NSW ALP secretary Matt Thistlethwaite.

Mr Dastyari has been described as one of the ALP's "faceless men", and the party has been called upon to explain why it's supporting a one-time backer and friend of disgraced former NSW MP Eddie Obeid.

Speaking in Sydney, Mr Carr described Mr Dastyari as an "outstanding talent".

"I think he's a great Labor Party talent, I think he's outstandingly talented, I think it's a good decision to endorse him," Mr Carr told reporters at Maroubra beach.

"I think he'll represent the people of NSW very well."

Mr Carr said he thought the first week of the election campaign had been "very good" for Labor.

"I think as the choices clarify themselves over the next few weeks Labor will really be on the ascendancy," Mr Carr added.

"The choice is on education, the choice is on economic management."