The federal Labor candidate for Perth, Alannah MacTiernan, says anger at the Premier Colin Barnett is likely to affect the federal Liberals at the coming election.

Mr Barnett has been accused of breaking his promises after last week's budget revealed a number of cuts, while state debt is forecast to hit $22 billion at the end of this financial year.

The budget has prompted a backlash against the State Government from the community, and even those within its own ranks.

Solar power users are angry over the decision to halve the feed-in rebate they were receiving, including Liberal backbencher Peter Abetz who says the decision is unethical.

Commuters are disappointed free parking is being taken away from train stations, and residents in the City of Vincent, including the Liberal member for Perth Eleni Evangel, are ramping up their fight against proposed new boundaries under forced council amalgamations.

The Opposition has also accused the Government of breaking its promise to keep power price increases at or around the rate of inflation.

Ms MacTiernan says voters have turned on Mr Barnett.

"People have gone from seeing him as decisive to seeing him as autocratic," she said.

She it is bound to have an effect at the ballot box.

"The extent of the antipathy towards Mr Barnett and the feeling that he has betrayed all of his election commitments, I think will play into this election," she said.

Liberal Senator Mathius Cormann has defended the Premier and he says the Barnett government has a proven track record, which is why it was re-elected.

"We don't have any lectures to take from the Labor Party about broken promises," he said.

"We will deliver on all of our promises, we will under promise and over deliver, unlike Kevin Rudd who is all talk and no action, who promises the world and delivers nothing."