The Minister for Lands says the cattle industry has nothing to fear from new pastoral leases which have been released in draft form.

The current leases, which cover a third of WA, are due to expire in 2015.

The Department of Lands has sent cattle stations an outline of the proposed new lease conditions which relate to the upkeep of land and the treatment of animals.

PGA President Rob Gillam has labelled the lease conditions 'draconian'.

But the Lands Minister Brendan Grylls says the leases do not create any new rules or regulations, they are formalising laws already in place.

"I'm pretty disappointed in Rob Gillam's comments," he said.

"We've made no legislative change.

"All we've sought to do is take the detail from the Land Administration Act, and put it into the leases.

"So there have been no changes, we're simply making the pastoralists aware."

"I think it's a bit of an over-reaction, that being said, pastoralists and graziers are an important part of the pastoral industry and I'll have that discussion with them over coming months.

"But I just want to assure all of your listeners, there's been no changes made. All that they've got now is that the information is in their lease that was previously referred back to from their lease to the Land Administration Act."