Police in Hobart are appealing for public help to track down 15 firearms stolen from a house on the eastern shore.

They say a group of offenders broke into the family home on Currajong Street at Mornington sometime between 5:00pm and 10:00pm on Saturday night while the owners were out.

The offenders made off with shot-guns and rifles, which were being stored in safe, along with a television, laptop, and welder.

Acting Inspector Craig Joel says the firearms are registered and the theft was reported immediately.

He says police are following several leads.

"It's just a family home and it's just a registered firearms owner, so it's nothing out of the ordinary it's just, and that's why we're so interested to get some public assistance, bearing in mind that it is a community area, therefore we'd hope that somebody might have seen something."

Acting Inspector Joel says the owners arrived just as the thieves were fleeing on foot.

He is not ruling out a connection to outlaw motorcycle gangs.

"That's something that we will consider but it's not something we have any evidence whatsoever to support," he said.

"We will consider looking at all avenues of inquiry including at other incidents which have occurred around the state.

"Unfortunately no information at the present has been forthcoming and that's what we're asking the public to give us that assistance for."