A parliamentary inquiry has been launched to investigate the effects of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing of unconventional gas, in WA.

The Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs has announced the inquiry which will be chaired by Simon O'Brien.

The upper house committee will look into the effect the mining practice, commonly known as "fracking", has on current and future land use and ground water.

The terms also include the reclamation and rehabilitation of land where fracking has occurred and the regulation of chemicals used in the process.

The Member for Moore, Shane Love, says the community wants fracking investigated.

"I think it gives the community a chance, which it's been calling for really, a chance to be heard and to express to the government, or to parliament, it's concerns about this process," he said.

Mr Love says there are a number of concerns the community has.

"There are a number of people who are either landowners and farmers in the area who are concerned about the effects on agricultural land or upon their businesses, and other people who have concerns on the effects on the environment," he said.

"But, also of course, there is the economic potential this could have for Western Australia, and all these things need to be considered."