An island in Tasmania's south is losing its emergency services volunteers to the grey nomad movement during the winter months.

Bruny Island's ambulance, fire and state emergency services are entirely run and staffed by volunteers.

But when the weather turns chilly many of them get into their caravans and head to warmer climes.

Volunteer paramedic Leigh Higgins says this year volunteer numbers have dropped from eight to three.

"The average age of us is 70," Ms Higgins said

The island's SES coordinator Kane McLeod says the problem is not just limited to Bruny.

"I've been talking to them over on the other side and across the southern region and they're having troubles as well," he said.

"When we actually get here it's like: you be the ambo today, I'll be the SES and you be the fire brigade and off we go."

Firer fighter Karen Luke says services at the northern end of the island are often stretched but she has come up with an ingenious way to boost volunteer numbers.

"I've just signed my three children up," she said.

Emergency services are holding a recruitment drive later this month to try and attract more volunteers.