The Australian First Nations Political Party wants to establish Volunteer Drinking Research Centres where problem drinkers could work in exchange for alcohol.

The centres would require drinkers to work eight hours a day and would invite researchers to study their behaviour.

The party's leader, and candidate for Lingiari, Ken Lechleitner says he's met problem drinkers who are keen to be involved.

"The comments I'm getting are it's better than being chased around like a kangaroo on a motor bike when you're trying to have a drink in town," Mr Lechleitner said.

"And so they are actually fed up with this process of being pushed around and their alcohol being confiscated and spilt from around the corner."

The AFNPP attracted sizeable slabs of the vote in some seats - up to 16 per cent - last year during the Territory elections.

Previous party policies have included a re-introduction of national service in the Territory - to give Aboriginal people job opportunities - as well as opposing the Federal Government's Intervention, and supporting bilingual education.