The Human Services Minister Cassy O'Connor has used Parliament to defend her record on public housing.

Her Labor government colleague Brenton Best yesterday accused the Minister of failing Housing Tasmania tenants by providing public houses with inadequate heating.

Ms O'Connor says she has made significant improvements since taking over the housing portfolio.

"The heating policy has undergone significant improvements under a green Minister, with a decision to no longer install costly, inefficient pure heat heaters, replacing them instead with heat pumps and gas heating if the home is in a gas zone," she said.

"Under this policy change more than 1700 inefficient heaters have been replaced."

It did not satisfy Mr Best, who maintains the Minister is failing Housing Tasmania tenants.

"Due to inadequate heating provision, the escalation of black mould contamination in many older Housing Tasmania homes particularly through the removal of wood heaters is now heading towards epidemic proportions, threatening on-going health problems for a whole generation of young children, pregnant mothers and family," he said.