A lawyer for James Hird has confirmed the Essendon coach is suing the AFL and will lodge a claim with the Victorian Supreme Court today.

The claim will state Hird has been denied natural justice in a season-long doping probe, and is demanding the case be heard by an independent tribunal instead of the league's commission.

Hird's lawyers reacted to the AFL's release yesterday of its grounds for charging Hird, assistant coach Mark Thompson, football manager Danny Corcoran, Dr Bruce Reid and the Essendon club.

saying the release of confidential information given to the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority is a breach of due process.

He said the release of the details of the charges was an 'ambush' with the AFL's lawyers only notifying Essendon of its intentions minutes before making the documents public.

"Courtesy would dictate that the AFL would have given adequate notification of the release of the charges so I could prepare.," Hird siaid yesterday.

"The release of a letter by Dr Bruce Reid to me that formed part of the confidential ASADA investigation is in breach of due process. The letter released in isolation is designed to damage my reputation."