Here is a look at The Associated Press' coverage of ousted Chinese politician Bo Xilai's corruption trial. Once a political high-flier, Bo's spectacular downfall last year was triggered by the embarrassing flight of his top aide to a U.S. consulate and revelations that Bo's wife had murdered a British businessman. The scandal exposed infighting in the highest echelons of Chinese politics.

The trial is expected to be short - possibly two days.

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BEIJING — Only a few people heard it, but when one of China's most prominent politicians slapped his police chief across the face, it would end up reverberating far and wide. The smack unleashed tales of murder and conspiracy at the highest levels of the Communist Party — and eventually, the politician's own undoing. The chief had confronted Bo Xilai, the party boss of the megacity of Chongqing, with some unwelcome information: He had evidence Bo's wife had killed a British businessman in China. With Photos.

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JINAN, China — Outside the courthouse where fallen political juggernaut Bo Xilai is about to stand trial, a woman pumped her fist, declared him a champion of ordinary folks and shouted that punishing him will turn the world upside down. Another woman rode up on a bicycle topped with a pink umbrella and yelled, "Give me justice!" But she wasn't talking about Bo at all. Ahead of trial, the courthouse venue presented a rare opportunity for a few dozen people, fans of the fallen politician and government critics alike, to let off steam in front of a gaggle of international reporters. By Gillian Wong. With AP Photos.


A look at key figures in the Bo Xilai case.

Developing Thursday:


JINAN, China — Officials say ousted politician Bo Xilai has denied some of the bribery accusations against him in his $4 million corruption trial — part of his first public comments since his detention early last year in one of China's biggest political scandals. The Jinan Intermediate People's Court quoted Bo as saying Thursday that he denied taking bribes from development corporation official in the northeastern city of Dalian. Developing. By Gillian Wong. AP Photos.


BEIJING — Messages posted by court on a Chinese version of Twitter offer a constantly updated window on the proceedings, in a sign not only of the great interest in the trial but of the Communist Party leadership's confidence it can weather any damage from the Bo Xilai scandal. By 1100GMT.


CHINA-BO XILAI-TRIAL: Trial is expected continue into a second day.


AP photographers are not allowed inside the courtroom, but the court has released images of the proceedings that are now available. The AP will be outside court, covering security around the trial and protests if they occur.


AP cameras are not allowed inside the courtroom but the court has provided some video of the proceedings that is now available. The AP is covering court exteriors, arrivals and protests and will pursue comments from lawyers and court officials once proceedings are over.

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