There is music in the air in the northern Finnish city of Oulu, guitar music to be exact.

Finalists from around the world are here for the 18th Air Guitar World Championships and are hoping to dazzle the crowds with their "airiness."

That's the term to describe the moment when playing the air guitar stops being a simulation and art itself… or so they say.

And this guy according to the judges had the winning stroke -- Eric Melin, a.k.a. Mean Melin of the United States, who was crowned champion after also coming out on top in the qualification rounds.

SOUNDBITE: 2013 World Air Guitar Champion, Eric "Mean Melin" Melin from the United States, saying (English):

"Last night at the "Dark Horse" when I won I was just happy to be here and now I'm the world champion. This is insane, it's so amazing."

With finalists coming from 11 different countries, air guitar is becoming a serious non-sport.

It's already a tradition in this quaint Finnish town, where locals say that summer isn't over until the end of the air guitar festival.

So at least here, nothing really matters.