UN inspectors are taking no chances as they searched for proof that chemicals weapons were used to kill hundreds of civilians. It's day three of their probe and western powers are anxious for the group to offer a definitive answer.

British Prime Minister David Cameron rejected suggestions the UK is poised to strike.

SOUNDBITE: British Prime Minister David Cameron saying:

"It would be unthinkable to proceed if there was overwhelming opposition in the (U.N.) security council. No action can be taken until we have heard from the UN weapons inspectors, until there has been further action at the United Nations and another vote in this house, those are the conditions that we the British government, the British parliament are setting and I think it is absolutely right that we do so."

His remarks come as British fighter jets began arriving at this airbase in Cyprus which is just 124 miles- or 200 kilometers --from the Syrian coast.

British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has this to say about the move.

SOUNDBITE: British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond saying:

"That's purely defensive, they're purely defensive to make sure we are always able to defend the sovereign base areas."

Plans for an imminent strike have been shelved at least for the next few days as the UK lawmakers demand more proof before authorizing military action.