By Josh Dickey

LOS ANGELES ( - "Getaway" is speeding along with dubious sort of perfection - 0% on Rotten Tomatoes - and if it keeps this up, it could challenge for the site's worst-reviewed movie of all time.

With 55 reviews and counting as of late Thursday afternoon, the Ethan Hawke/Selena Gomez car-chase thriller, which opens Friday, is as rotten as it gets, with a big fat goose egg on the critics aggregator.

To be fair, that could change any moment: Reviews are still rolling in, and the site accepts them long after theatrical and homevideo release.

As Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief Matt Atchity explained to TheWrap, late-breaking contrarians have spoiled many a perfect score, and studios and filmmakers have been known to lobby to move on-the-fence reviews into the positive column - which sometimes works.

But as of this writing, the "Getaway" notices were unequivocally harsh. A sampling:

"An absolute travesty." - Bill Gibron, Film Racket

"Maybe the title isn't a title, but an instruction: ‘Getaway,' away from this movie, and fast." - Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic

"Bottom of summer-movie barrel, we hope." - James Verniere, Boston Herald

The Warner Bros. release is tracking for a soft $6 million in a fairly wide 2,000-theater release, analysts tell TheWrap, and the film has been screened and marketed in normal fashion. Getting a zero - or a 100 percent, for that matter - isn't without precedent, especially early on.

"It's not completely unheard of," Atchity said. "But it is unusual with 50 reviews or above that something stays perfect either way."

Atchity predicted another 30 to 40 "Getaway" reviews to post before they started dying down to a trickle. If it maintains perfect negativity, it could challenge "Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever" (a 2002 actioner starring Lucy Liu and Antonio Banderas, 0% with 108 reviews) as the worst-reviewed movie the site has ever tracked.

It'll certainly crack the Top 3.

Other 0% titles topping RT's worst-ever list: "One Missed Call" (2008, 79 reviews), a remake of a Japanese ghost story starring Shannyn Sossamon; "Pinoccio" (2002, 55 reviews), a live-action adaptation of the classic-story starring Roberto Benigni; and "National Lampoon's Gold Diggers" (2004, 44 reviews), a comedy from first-time director Gary Preisler.

(The best-reviewed film the site has ever seen: "Toy Story 2," which came out in 1999 and remains at 100% with 161 notices.)

Not that we're suggesting it here, but ... would a critic write a positive review just to spoil the zero or 100?

"I can't guarantee that no one thinks that way," Atchity said. "But I like to think critics are being honest … We can sniff out when someone's not. I don't think there's a lot of people who would put their professional reputation on the line just to do that."