You can demand a lot of your prime minister, but don't send Kevin Rudd to the hardware store, according to Therese Rein.

Mr Rudd's wife gave a warm introduction for the prime minister at Labor's official campaign launch on Sunday.

Ms Rein spoke about Mr Rudd's difficult times as a child.

But she said he was man who became prime minister to govern for all Australians "no matter where you come from, no matter where you live, no matter how old you are, no matter who you love".

"He believes that dignity belongs to all, not just to some," she said.

Ms Rein said Mr Rudd was the steady pair of hands that steered Australia through the global financial crisis.

He also secured a seat at the Group of 20 and got the ball rolling on Australia's United Nations Security Council bid.

Ms Rein also told a tale how she sent her husband to Bunnings hardware store to get a mozzie candle.

"(He) comes back with Roman flares, Blu-Tack, an extension cord, potting mix, a step-ladder, secateurs, but no mozzie candle," she said.

He still remains her "best friend" and companion after more than 35 years, and is a father-of-three and a "besotted grandfather".

Ms Rein concluded: "Come on out Kevin from Queensland, and say g'day to Australia."