The anti-gun lobby is calling on Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to set an example with his own shooting activities.

Gun Control Australia's Roland Browne says Mr Rudd should ensure he uses only single-shot handguns for his sports shooting.

Mr Rudd revealed he enjoyed shooting clay targets during his first stint as PM.

Mr Browne was in Hobart on Tuesday to back the Greens' call for a ban on semi-automatic handguns.

"Showing leadership from Mr Rudd would be demonstrating that participating in target shooting with handguns can be done and should be done with a single-shot handgun," he told reporters.

"That will promote and enhance public safety and he can show the way."

Mr Browne linked the influence of the gun lobby with Mr Rudd's shooting hobby.

"That might explain why there's limited movement in the Labor party to controlling handguns," he said.

The Greens say $350 million should be spent over four years to buy back semi-automatic handguns.

Gun Control Australia says there are 172,000 handguns in Australia.

A response is being sought from Mr Rudd.