Victoria's Road Safety Camera Commissioner has recommended drivers be given improved and free access to images of alleged traffic offences.

Gordon Lewis was appointed to provide independent oversight of the state's road safety camera system in response to what he describes as "the public's distrust of both the accuracy and fairness of the placement of these instruments."

In his first annual report, Mr Lewis says describes the system as excellent and says he has found "no evidence" of inaccurate or malfunctioning cameras.

But he says drivers should have access to a secure website through which they can see the photos of the alleged offence.

Currently drivers must either travel to Melbourne's CBD to see the photo of the alleged offence, or pay $7.50 got get a copy in the post.

Mr Lewis says he believes the new measure would enhance transparency, expedite the infringement process and could lead to a sizeable reduction in cases contested in the courts.

He says the New South Wales experience has shown a significant drop in court appearances over traffic infringements, due in part to a free online viewing option for drivers.