Police claim they have cracked a professional drug trafficking syndicate in Tasmania, after a series of simultaneous raids in two days.

About 50 officers using drug dog teams raided another six houses in Hobart's northern suburbs today, seizing cannabis plants, a crossbow and a one-metre freshwater crocodile.

Detective Inspector Glenn Lathey says police will allege illegal drugs worth $300,000 were sold by traffickers over the past eight months.

He says officers have also uncovered illegal and stolen firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition during the investigation.

"We will certainly be alleging that this syndicate is a professional drug trafficking syndicate and they are making significant amounts of money from their drug selling activity," he said.

Federal Police and the Australian Crime Commission have used their proceeds of crime powers to freeze assets worth $2.7 million, including homes, businesses and cars.

The assets will be permanently seized unless those found to be involved in the syndicate can provide they were acquired through legitimate means.

It is expected officers from the Crime Commission will use their special coercive powers to force people to talk to them or face jail.

Police say they have arrested ten people on drug and firearms charges, and more raids are expected in coming days.

The drug charges relate to selling trafficable amounts of cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamine and morphine.