Clive Palmer says he's a king maker and Tony Abbott wouldn't have secured the nation's top job if not for his party's preferences.

"We had six per cent and we preferenced the Liberal Party. The swing against Labor was 4.5 per cent," the Palmer United Party leader told AAP on Sunday.

"Without Palmer United's preferences, Tony Abbott would not be prime minister."

Election analysts say Mr Palmer is on track to win the Sunshine Coast seat of Fairfax and his star candidate Glenn Lazarus will win a Senate spot in Queensland.

But Mr Palmer insists his party will also win the neighbouring Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher, which former Howard government minister Mal Brough is confident he's bagged for the Coalition.

He also claims Senate candidate Jacqui Lambie will win a spot in Tasmania, as will Dio Wang in Western Australia.

And he says his party's in with a chance in the lower house Queensland seat of Hinkler.

The Palmer party, formed just four months ago, had outpolled the century old National party, he said.

More Australians would become Palmer party converts when they understood more about his policies, he said.

"Those policies weren't reported nationally but they got me 30 per cent of the vote in Fairfax, where the local media reported on them," he said.