AP Television - AP Clients Only

San Francisco - September 9

1. SOUNDBITE (English): Dmitriy Sizonov, Designer - LiveMap

"This is to be the first in the world motorbike helmet with built-in navigation system. It's going to be an all-in-one product with embedded projection system, with embedded GPS. No need for attached smartphone."


2. Live Map motorcycle helmet next to promotional video playing on laptop

3. embedded projection system demo

4. GPS view inside helmet

5. LiveMap employee puts on helmet

6. SOUNDBITE (English): Ali Nawab, Developer - Kiwi Wearable Tech

"We started to build a wearable tech device and we realized that most of the devices that are on the market are single use case driven and on top of that, they're not open. So what we've done is built a device that lets any developer or tech enthusiast do anything related to wearable tech without having to go through the pain of having to build hardware, build a platform, trace motion. All the good things you see up on that screen, we've done that for you so as long as you know basic Java script and know how to use APIs, you can make a wearable tech device very easy."


7. Kiwi's wearable computer attached to a boxing glove

8. punching with boxing glove

9. monitor detects strength of punch

10. Kiwi Wearable Tech's motion sensing, wearable computer for developers

11. monitor shows different uses for wearable computer

12. musician plays Jamstick guitar device

13. SOUNDBITE (English): Chris Heille, Music Specialist - Zivix

"The Jamstick is a digital guitar primarily designed to be compatible with iOS devices but it will recognize anything that recognizes WiFi. We use real guitar strings and real guitar frets. So we want the experience to be authentic both for new students, new guitar players and for existing players. Anything that you know outside the Jamstick you should be able to apply to the Jamstick. Anything you learn on the Jamstick you should be able to apply on a real guitar."


14. Jamstick playing close-up

15. Jamstick software on iPad

16. playing Jamstick in front of iPad

17. Jamstick box

18. SOUNDBITE (English): Ben Hall, Co-Founder - FoodieQuest

"Everybody takes pictures of food on their phone. So we wanted to look into that and find a way to make it fun, to give people something really interesting to do with those food pictures. Any image you've got on your phone, whether it's pizza or a martini, you can use that to compete against any other image and all the other people playing will be voting directly. Someone wins. Someone loses. Someone gets point and that's the idea. There's this worldwide leaderboard and you're trying to get the number one food pic."


19. food blogging pictures on iPad

20. FoodieQuest game display

21. FoodieQuest game on smartphone

22. "versus" food sign

(NOTE: No storyline needed for First Person - shotlist with transcriptions only)