The South Australian Government will tell the media authority it is opposed to any move for adults-only content to be allowed on daytime television across Australia.

Attorney-General John Rau has criticised a push for the broadcasting rules to be changed so that adult content could be screened at any time of the day or night, rather than later in the evenings as the current rules require.

Free TV Australia has made a submission to the Australian Communications and Media Authority seeking to remove a ban on M-rated shows being televised before 8:30pm.

It argues the ABC is providing daytime content appropriate for children who might be watching TV.

Mr Rau said the push to change the commercial TV rules was disgraceful and out of line with community expectations.

He said, as a parent, he would be appalled if his children were exposed to programming during the day that displayed violence and material which might blur the lines with soft-core pornography.

"I believe it is unrealistic to expect parents to monitor every single program that their children watch on television, particularly during school holidays," he said.

"Parents should expect that, during certain hours of the day, the type of programming that their children might be subjected to is age-appropriate."

Mr Rau said he would write to ACMA to express his views.

"Advances in technology and children-focused channels are positive steps, but I don't think anyone would suggest that they have solved the problem entirely," he said.

"We know how influential television can be on young minds and any change that could expose young children to even more sex and violence would be a bad outcome for our communities.

"I share concerns with many parents that programs, such as music videos, already push the boundaries of age-appropriate programming."