Family First MLC Robert Brokenshire is demanding hard evidence and warning the South Australian Government against a knee-jerk reaction to allegations of rorting of the Patient Assistance Transport Scheme (PATS).

An independent review suggested the scheme had been used inappropriately, including when GPs authorised flights for themselves and patients and claimed first-class air travel or when extra fuel allowances were claimed for car travel.

Mr Brokenshire said there might be more harm than good done if there were cuts to eligibility.

He said he wanted to see hard evidence of any rorting.

"The reality is the Government didn't want to review the PATS scheme and so many people are missing out on transport subsidies it was unfair," he said.

"When they did they said there'd be no additional money. Now with the review they're potentially looking at cutting a lot of eligibility out of it and to try and reinforce all this they're now saying there's some allegations of misappropriation of the fund.

"The Government may be focusing on this as a deflection to actually cut subsidies to genuine patients needing patient transport subsidies ... in regional South Australia and I'm calling on the Government to actually tell us how much money they think has been rorted and how many people were involved in alleged rorting."