They defined an era of anti-establishment politics as much as the British punk rock they helped begin.

But now The Clash are aiming for one last reminder as they launch a pop-up store in London.

Bassist Paul Simonon was at the launch of the store, called Black Market Clash.

He says looking back it seems almost like he wasn't really there.

SOUNDBITE: Former Clash Bass Guitarist, Paul Simonon, saying (English):

''It's a bit strange because it's almost like another life, someone else's life that said it was quite difficult to move on from our experience in The Clash because it was very much a 24 hour day in day out it was just everything you dealt and thought about was the clash in terms of what we wore on stage we wore off stage and so it was like a lifestyle really.''

One of the most iconic bands to come out of the UK, The Clash formed in 1976.

They ruled the airwaves for ten years with hits like 'London Calling', 'Complete Control' and 'Rock the Casbah'.

Alongside Joe Strummer, Mick Jones and drummer Nicky Headon, Simonon was part of the classic line-up.

'London Calling' featured him on the front cover, smashing up his bass guitar - a moment he said he remembered vividly.

SOUNDBITE: Former Clash Bass Guitarist, Paul Simonon, saying (English):

''I suppose I saw red and I just sort of lost it for a moment - as you do in anger - and destroyed the bass really, which was a shame because the bass I had to play for the rest of the tour was a lot lighter and didn't have any density to it when you played it, and so it was a bit like playing some sort of guitar from Hamley's.''

So is this the last we'll hear of The Clash?

SOUNDBITE: Former Clash Bass Guitarist, Paul Simonon, saying (English):

"Maybe there will be another boxset in 50 years time and I thought we could do it like coffin shaped, that might be interesting, but I don't know. I think this is the exclamation mark for our time."

Black Market Clash runs until September 22nd.