Victoria Police and a resurrected building industry watchdog would work together to smash bullying and bikie gang links to the construction industry.

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Ken Lay says there was evidence of bikie gangs infiltrating the building industry and the return of the construction commission will be "another front" police can open on gangs.

A reinstated Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC) was a coalition campaign promise.

Mr Lay said it could be set up as a law enforcement agency working alongside Victoria Police.

Mr Lay suggested to Fairfax radio that Victoria Police and a reformed ABCC could "share a whole host of information, which will give them some insights into some of the challenges".

He said recent trends showed that bikies had "loose affiliations" with some unions.

"We've got intelligence which indicates that people related to bikies or OMCGs (outlaw motorcycle club gangs) have been selling drugs ... in and around picket lines," he said.

"This will be another front we can open up on bikies."

Premier Denis Napthine said the government wants the ABCC to rid Victorian building sites of bullying and will give it police resources to do so.

"Victoria police will be providing resources at the discretion and decision-making of the chief commissioner to assist in terms of making sure that our building sites are safe and run within the law," Dr Napthine said.

Under the coalition plan to strengthen the ABCC, ex-federal police will visit construction sites to minimise problems that may arise from troublesome unionists, bikies and criminals, News Corp Australia reports.

CFMEU national secretary Dave Noonan says the proposal is a new attack on construction workers and the union while blurring of the distinction between the ABCC and police would denigrate the industry.

"If they have any evidence of criminal activity in the construction industry they have obligation to immediately provide it to the police," he said.