If you like it, maybe you shouldn't put a ring on it.

Just-released figures from New Zealand's Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) reveal there were about 600 claims between 2010 and 2012 for wedding-related injuries.

Perhaps those single ladies have the right idea after all.

Beyonce wannabes clocked up the biggest number of wedding injuries, with ACC receiving about 160 claims for injuries sustained on the dance floor.

Several claims were made by people injured while jumping to catch the bouquet, while others strained their backs moving tables, lifting cases of wine and carrying musical equipment.

Wedding day cricket matches, running races and sack races also ended in tears and ACC paperwork.

There were a handful of injuries resulting from hugs that were just a bit too tight, while a number of those behind a video camera documenting the big day tripped and fell.

Food preparation led to cut fingers, while some people chipped teeth on foreign objects in the wedding cake and other fare.

Some people ended up swallowing rings and other jewellery, while fashionistas with brand new shoes paid the price with infected blisters.

"What these claims show is that injuries can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time," ACC general manager of insurance and prevention services John Beaglehole said.

"Just being aware of that can act as a prompt to do simple things to reduce the risk, such as cleaning up spills, taking care when lifting heavy objects and using sharp knives, and drinking responsibly."

ACC says it's not possible to identify all injuries that may be wedding-related because it can only count claims where those filling out the claim form record that the injury happened at a wedding.

However, nervous grooms can't yet claim it's too dangerous to walk down the aisle. With 20,521 weddings in New Zealand last year, ACC receives one claim for roughly every 100 weddings.