Queensland's Chief Justice Paul de Jersey says he believes some prisoners are abusing the parole system, and voiced support for drug injecting rooms.

The State Government is considering whether to scrap the right of prisoners to a judicial review of unfavourable parole board decisions.

In a wide-ranging interview airing tonight, Chief Justice de Jersey has told 7.30 Queensland presenter Matt Wordsworth that while some inmates have not been slow in asking the courts to intervene, he backs laws allowing judges to review parole board decisions.

Justice de Jersey also spoke in favour of state-controlled injecting rooms for heroin users.

The state's senior judge went on to say that he believes suspended sentences are an effective deterrent against crime.

A review of Queensland's sentencing laws is underway, with the State Government considering scrapping court-ordered parole and suspended sentences.

Justice de Jersey says he believes allowing judges to suspend all or some of a person's jail term appears to discourage repeat offending.