Boulder, Colorado - 14 September 2013

1. Wide of water rushing down 7th Street in the Flatiron neighborhood

2. Medium of makeshift diversion berm made by residents

3. Tight shot of diversion berm made by residents. Plastic bags visible.

4. Wide shot of diversion dam made with pieces of asphalt

5. Medium shot of white plastic bag berm

6. Tight of plastic bags

7. SOUNDBITE (English): Colleen Scanlan Lyons, resident:

"The entire neighborhood is banding together to help this issue. This is really amazing. We had college students walking, all over the neighborhood yesterday saying, 'can we help you?'"

8. Medium of water bubbling up from pavement

9. Wide of young person walking through the water

10. Medium of water rushing down the street

11. Wide of sediment that washed out of the mountains

12. SOUNDBITE (English) Charles Corfield, resident:

"`House are standing and people are extremely relieved, but we're not out of it yet though.''


Weld County, Colorado - 14 September 2014

13. Wide shot of neighborhood with train in background

14. Close up of derailed train

15. Wide of train

16. Pan of train

17. Wide of house with flooded field

18. Wide of field

19. Wide of highway with 'road closed' sign

20. Medium of road covered in debris

21. Close up of bridge

22. Medium of field


The rescue of Coloradoans stranded by epic mountain flooding accelerated Saturday as debris-filled rivers became muddy seas that extended into towns and farms miles from the Rockies.

Authorities expected to find more fatalities when full scope of destruction emerged.

In the city of Boulder, Colorado, residents of the Flatiron neighborhood were breathing a sigh of relief after their makeshift dams proved successful in diverting flood waters from their homes.

"The entire neighborhood is banding together," said resident Colleen Scanlan Lyons. "This is really amazing. We had college students walking, all over the neighborhood yesterday saying, 'Can we help you?'"

City crews with dump trucks and front-end loaders showed up Saturday to clear some of the debris.

"House are standing and people are extremely relieved," said resident Charles Corfield. "But we're not out of it yet though.''

National Guard trucks and helicopters are moving people out of flooded areas of Colorado by the hundreds.

The Guard says it had evacuated nearly 800 people as of this morning.

Flooding across a wide area of the state has killed at least four people, but authorities say that number could grow.

One woman is missing and presumed dead in Larimer County, where witnesses saw floodwaters destroy her home.

More than 170 people remain unaccounted for in Boulder County, but the sheriff says many of those could be people who just haven't been in contact.

The flood waters are being blamed for causing a train that had been parked in the town of Milliken, Colorado, to derail as the ground underneath the tracks shifted.

Bridges leading into Milliken have been damaged or washed away.