Boulder, Colorado - 15 September 2013

1. Medium shot of National guard convoy

2. Various of road washed away.

3. Wide of Malcolm Ulbrick walking with family and dog

4. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Malcolm Ulbrick / Resident

"I mean the things that are on the edge of going, verge of going, will probably go, if we get much more rain, and I think its more access than anything too today and the possibility of having contaminated drinking water and things like that."

5. Medium shot of road washed away

6. Medium shot of Bulldozer driving through flooded road

7. Various shots of FEMA search unit

9. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Malcolm Ulbrick / Resident

"There are springs where there weren't springs before, there's a lot of debris in the road and you can definitely tell that Linden is washing away a bit and so there is a lot of FEMA and disaster relief personnel up there now going door to door and making sure everybody is accounted for."

9. Wide shot of road covered in water

10. Medium shot of resident Peter Lawton going through debris on side of the road

11. SOUNDBITE: (ENGLISH) Peter Lawton / Resident

"My house, not too bad, my neighbor's has been terrible."

12. Medium shot of FEMA search team member and dog

13. Various of national guard evacuating people


The search for people stranded from the Rocky Mountain foothills to the plains of northeastern Colorado grew more difficult Sunday, with a new wave of rain threatening to hamper airlifts from the flooded areas still out of reach.

Numerous pockets of individuals remain cut off from help even with more than 1,750 people and 300 pets already rescued from communities and individual homes swamped by rivers and streams overflowing by unrelenting rain last week, but, officials said.

In Boulder, roads and homes that just barely survived the flooding earlier in the week, were again on the defensive.

The National Guard evacuated people and FEMA crews searched subdivisions for those who couldn't get out on their own.