A fire broke out on an atomic-powered submarine undergoing repairs at a shipyard near Russia's eastern coastal city of Vladivostok on Monday (September 16), but naval officials said there was no risk of a radiation leak, Russian news agencies reported.

Video shot by Prima Media showed smoke surrounding the dock at Zvezda shipyard in on the Sea of Japan, where the submarine Tomsk, which is powered by a nuclear reactor, caught fire while being repaired.

The reactor had been shut down before it arrived at the dock for repairs, the crew has been evacuated and there are no weapons on board, state-run RIA cited an unidentified official in Russia's Pacific Fleet as saying.

Itar-Tass, also state-run, cited an unidentified official in Russia's Pacific Fleet command as saying there was no threat of radioactive contamination and that the submarine's weapons had been removed.

Navy sources said that in addition to two firefighting vessels, a ship that monitors radiation levels had been sent to the area as a precaution, Russian news agencies reported.

The fire broke out in a ballast area of the submarine after a gas-powered saw was used to cut through a grate, setting an old rubber covering, cables and paint on fire, RIA cited an unnamed official at the shipyard as saying.

The official said there was little danger of an explosion because the cistern is outside the sealed body of the submarine where the reactor is located.

The Tomsk is outfitted to carry 24 guided missiles, according to Itar-Tass.