The "Rising Moon" lights up in Hong Kong ahead of the Mid-autumn festival.

The 10-meter or 32-foot high dome was created to celebrate the night when the moon is at its roundest and brightest.

SOUNDBITE Stanley Kwok, designer of "Rising Moon", saying (English):

"We want to bring the distant moon to Victoria Park. So that during mid-autumn festival, visitors, family and friends can gather around the park, so that they can see this 20-metre sphere, it's a dramatic moon."

Designer Stanley Kwok says the structure used 7,000 recycled water bottles, containing light bulbs and connected to triangular steel panels.

And although that sounds like a lot of bottles, Kwok says it represents just 30 minutes' worth of water consumption in Hong Kong.

Visitors can enter the dome and view the real moon through a hole in the top.

SOUNDBITE: Queenie Chan, Hong Kong resident, saying (English):

"It is totally an art piece that is made from recycled materials. And I think it is turning the rubbish in a creative way."

And that's exactly the message of sustainability that Kwok is trying to convey.

The Mid-autumn festival falls on September the 19th.