Gwyneth Paltrow joined co-stars Tim Robbins and Alecia Moore - better known as pop singer "Pink" - on the red carpet Monday night (September 16) in Los Angeles for the premiere of the somewhat dark comedy, "Thanks for Sharing."

The film takes a deep look at a very different modern family that struggles with issues of life, love and the emotional landmines of living in New York City. Among those issues "Thanks for Sharing" tackles sexual addiction and unconditional friendship.

Gwyneth Paltrow told Reuters that her role offered up a balance of character complexities and challenging subject matter and likened it to the super hero box office film, "Iron Man."

SOUNDBITE Gwyneth Paltrow saying (English):

"Iron man is actually quite complicated and there is a lot going on," said Paltrow, in comparing the two films. "So, aside from the special effects it is not too different. Iron Man, even though it is a super hero movie has amazing actors in it and it really shows human complexities and this does as well but there is no green screen in this movie."

Besides Paltrow, Robbins and Pink, the films also stars Mark Ruffalo.

"Thanks for Sharing" opens on September 20.