His war crimes trial months earlier triggered protests on the streets of bangladesh --- many outraged that Abdul Quader Mollah, a prominent figure Jamaat-e-Islami party was given ONLY a life sentence in prison for war crimes during the country's 1971 war of independence.

On Tuesday --- the war crimes tribunal overturned his life sentence.

SOUNDBITE: Attorney General M. K. Rahman saying:

The government appeal has been allowed unanimously, and on charge number six, he has been awarded the sentence of death.

It was welcome news to those who gathered outside the Supreme Court.

SOUNDBITE: Case Witness Who Fought In Bangladesh Liberation War, Sahidul Islam, saying:

"But I am very happy, from my heart and soul, justice done. Nation happy, I'm happy. Now I am waiting, when Quader Mollah will be hanged. The day is knocking at the door, and my approach to our government, as soon as possible, Quader Mollah has to be hanged."

The war crimes tribunal, which is not recognized by the United Nations, convicted Mollah of rape, murder, and torture in a trial that some Islamists say is politically motivated.