Victoria's Opposition leader has been thrown about of parliament for three days after a shouting match triggered by questions over embattled MP Geoff Shaw.

Daniel Andrews had been pressing the premier on the Liberal-turned-independent MP, who is facing 24 misconduct and fraud-related offences for misusing his taxpayer-funded car.

Mr Andrews said the government had descended into a "dysfunctional circus", with Mr Shaw holding the balance of power.

"It's not the government Victorians voted for three years ago," Mr Andrews said.

But Speaker Ken Smith objected to Mr Andrews accusing him of biased rulings during question time on Thursday and tried to toss him out.

Mr Andrews refused his order and stood his ground even when the sergent-at-arms was called to remove him.

The house was suspended while the coalition tried to find the numbers to force Mr Andrews to leave, but came back with a deadlocked vote of 40-40 with Mr Shaw failing to turn up for the vote.

With the vote therefore tied, the Speaker cast his vote with the coalition, forcing Mr Andrews to finally leave.

His Labor shadow cabinet followed him out the door in protest.

The opposition was quick to point out how the government had failed to achieve a majority for the first time without the Speaker's help.

But Deputy Leader Louise Asher said Mr Andrews' behaviour was disgraceful and Mr Shaw was only absent from parliament because of illness.