Fierce fighting near Ariha in Northern Syria.

The video, which can not be independently verified by Reuters -- shows no let up in the fight, in a war that has already cost the lives of more than 100,000 people.

At the beginning of September, an opposition group said Syrian forces had seized Ariha -- in a move that would open supply lines between Assad's coastal stronghold and pockets of army control in a region that is largely rebel controlled.

Other activists, however, say the battle was is not over.

Rights groups say government forces are also pummeling nearby towns in an effort to cement control of the area.

In recent months Assad's forces have gained ground in central Syria and around the capital Damascus -- but have made no major dent in rebel control of large parts of northern and eastern Syria.

The army is threatening a new campaign in the north but so far there has been no major assault. Instead, they appear to be trying to bolster their pockets of territory and slowly build up their forces.