The Daily Digit is 5 million.

As in the 5 million PlayStation 4 game consoles Sony wants to sell between November 15, when they hit stores in the U.S., and the end of the company's financial year on March 31.

The bait? New functions and lower price.

The PS 4 will cost $399 in the U.S. compared with $599 for the PS3. Its top rival, Microsoft's Xbox One will retail for $499 and hits the market just one week later.

The battle is definitely on this holiday season.

Sony says the console is at the core of reviving its consumer electronics business and will make money much sooner than its predecessor, the PS3.

Aside from play time, the PS4 can be a living room entertainment hub controlling movies, television and internet content, like all of the new gaming boxes.

As of August, eager gamers have preordered 1 million units.