As Lake Macquarie tries to position itself as a sustainable city, the local council has its radar on the area's main environmental resource centre.

Lake Macquarie Council wants to turn its Landcare Resource Centre, made up of a few demountable buildings and gardens, into a major facility which could help reduce city waste and gas emissions.

Manager of sustainability Alice Howe says the three-staged project is a high priority for council, with more than 2,000 volunteers involved in the centre.

Dr Howe says she is keen to get community feedback on the plan.

"Tomorrow we have a drop-in day from 10:00am (AEST) 'til 1:00pm at the Landcare Resource Centre," she said.

"It'd be fabulous for people to come along and have a look at that masterplan and provide their feedback."

"But we're hoping it'll meet the needs of our volunteers and encourage more people to participate in the centre."

Ms Howe says she wants the facility to expand its reach to show sustainability in the home.

"One of the key objectives of this expansion is to provide household green waste management advice to people," she said.

"So we can demonstrate home composting, home worm farming, how to reuse that product in gardens, both vegetable gardens and native gardens as well as providing opportunities for people to see how solar panels work, how rain water tanks work, what they can do to maintain those sorts of facilities."