Skateboarders beware - Biuf the bulldog is winning a global fan base for his skills on the board.

A one-year-old English bulldog, Biuf wows his fans at his local park in the San Borja neighbourhood of Lima, Peru and across the globe on YouTube and on his very own Facebook page (

He tips the scales at 25 pounds and according to his owner, Ivan Juscamaita, the dog is a natural - taking to the skateboard like a duck to water.

"Biuf is an English bulldog who is about to turn 15-months-old. He's skateboarded since he was nine or ten-months-old. He learned mostly with a lot of patience, a lot of love, putting him on it and pushing him, until he got his own technique on his own, which we call with 'the unique Biuf style' which consists of carrying it with his mouth, getting on, paddling and picking up speed," Juscamaita told Reuters on Thursday (September 19).

Biuf's YouTube videos have thousands of views and his Facebook page, complete with videos and photos, has nearly 15,000 "likes" from fans stretching the globe as of Thursday.