A Tasmanian wine researcher has become the first to use microwaves to improve the quality of pinot noir.

Anna Carew from the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture has been doing laboratory trials using a domestic microwave to loosen the cells of crushed grapes from the inside.

It is hoped commercial trials will start in the next few years.

Dr Carew says the technique results in a fuller flavoured wine with a richer colour and more tannins.

"I guess that some wine makers would find it is quite counter to traditional wine making practices so it is not really for those people who like to make wine in a very traditional way, but for the wine makers who are interested in innovation they have been really excited by it," she said.

There was initial scepticism from wine makers but Brown Brothers viticulturalist Brett McClen says it is being watched closely by the industry.

"It may not change anything overnight, but I think in the medium term," he said.

Funding is being sought to expand the trial commercially.