In the choppy, artic waters of the Barents Sea, Greenpeace activists on Wednesday prepare to scale a Russian oil platform. It's all part of a protest against expanded oil drilling in the Artic.

This video provided by Greenpeace shows several activists trying to scale the rig when they're hit with a steady stream of water to keep them off.

The Russian Coast Guard rushed to the scene to stop the activists from boarding the rig. This video shows the coast guard pointing a gun at an activist.

The two who tried to scale the rig were arrested.

The entire ordeal prompted the Russian Coast Guard to fire warning shots at the Greenpeace ship the Artic Sunrise.

Russian authorities have now detained that ship and are threatening to press criminal charges in response to the protest.

Greenpeace says armed coast guard members forced their way onto the ship and seized it.

The ship is being towed to a nearby port.