On the first anniversary of Jill Meagher's murder, the Victoria Police Association and political leaders have criticised the parole system, saying it failed to protect her.

Victoria Police Association's Greg Davies told Fairfax radio on Sunday that moves to toughen up parole laws don't go far enough.

The state government has spent the past 12 months toughening up parole laws with police able to arrest and detain alleged offenders for committing crimes on parole and send them back before the parole board.

Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews said there needs to be an open account of why the parole system is not working.

"The best way we can honour Jill Meagher's memory and perhaps ease the burden that Tom Meagher and Jill's family face every day is to ensure these failings never happen again," Mr Andrews told journalists on Sunday.

Ms Meagher's rapist and killer, Adrian Ernest Bayley, had been on parole and on bail for an assault but was still roaming the streets.

He raped her, murdered her and buried her and is now serving life with no parole for at least 35 years.

Premier Denis Napthine has said previously that the system clearly failed Ms Meagher, her widowed husband and her grieving family.