A jury has retired to consider murder charges against two people accused of killing Gold Coast detective Damian Leeding.

Phillip Graeme Abell, 41, and Donna Lee McAvoy, 39, have pleaded not guilty to murder in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Senior Constable Leeding, 35, died from a shotgun wound to the head on June 1, 2013.

He was fatally wounded while responding to an armed robbery at the Pacific Pines Tavern on May 29, 2011.

Abell and McAvoy have pleaded guilty to the armed robbery, but not guilty to murdering the officer.

Justice James Douglas finished summing up the trial on Monday.

He told jurors they should consider whether gunman Abell intended to kill the officer, and whether the accused man was acting in self defence.

Justice Douglas said Abell's accomplice McAvoy could be found guilty of murder or manslaughter if the detective's death was unlawful and a probable outcome of the armed robbery.