BANGALORE (Reuters) - The European Central Bank will probably inject more liquidity into markets through another three-year long term refinancing operation, a Reuters poll of money market traders showed on Monday.

The central bank has already pumped in over a trillion euros through two LTROs, in December 2011 and February last year, to support bank lending and avert a credit crunch and a slim majority - 13 of 22 - expect it to act again within the next 12 months.

But only eight of 24 said the ECB will move before year-end.

That is in line with a similar Reuters poll taken on July 15 where just 8 of 22 traders expected the central bank to dole out ultra-cheap cash this year.

The poll also showed banks will repay 3.5 billion euros (3 billion pounds) of the ECB's twin three-year crisis loans next week, less than half the amount they will pay back this week.

At a three-month operation, banks will borrow 9 billion euros, roughly unchanged from the amount maturing from the June lending operation.

For the weekly seven-day tender, the ECB will allot 96 billion euros according to the consensus of 26 traders, the same as the amount maturing from last week's operation.

(Reporting By Anu Bararia; Polling by Swati Chaturvedi; editing by Ron Askew)