A Canberra man has pleaded guilty to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a south Canberra club and pay parking machines in Belconnen.

Richard Rubino, 26, had until today denied any involvement in the four month crime spree and was scheduled to stand trial later this year on charges including theft and burglary.

But in an agreement with prosecutors in the ACT Supreme Court, Rubino has now admitted to stealing over $7,000 from parking machines at Westfield Belconnen shopping centre in 2011.

Rubino, along with some other men, repeatedly used a crowbar to open the pay parking machines and steal the cash boxes.

He has also pleaded guilty to three charges of burglary at the Weston Club.

On three separate occasions Rubino, along with two other men, broke into the Weston Club after it had closed and stole almost $40,000 from its poker machines.

Each time the men used a petrol-powered demolition saw to cut the locks and a hammer and pry bar to smash open the machines.

They caused more than $250,000 damage.

The trial has now been abandoned and Rubino will be sentenced in December.

His bail has been continued.