Wildlife authorities will carry out a mass crocodile removal operation in waters around the West Australian Kimberley town of Broome, following a significant increase in sightings this year.

Warmer waters this year made for perfect breeding conditions and wildlife rangers are flat out handling an increase in crocodile sightings.

Beaches have been closed dozens of times in recent weeks.

Last week tourists gathered at Town beach to see a 3.5 metre crocodile.

The Department of Parks and Wildlife's Peter Carstairs says it was big enough to devour an adult

"[It] came to within 40 metres of the shoreline so there's obviously something at Town Beach it's interested in," he said.

Mr Carstairs says authorities now want every crocodile out of the water before someone gets hurt.

"We're trying to get them out of the Dampier Creek water system because it's very close to Broome and it continues to cause issues for us," he said.

Traps have already been laid.