A move to reinstate the former operating hours of Beresfield Swimming Centre has failed.

As part of cost savings by Newcastle Council the swimming season at the pool has been cut by 10 weeks and opening hours reduced.

Council says the decision to cut the operating season was made after looking at a number of factors, including a three per cent drop in patronage.

Councillor Jason Dunn last night moved to have the operating season amended, but the motion was voted down with council to instead review the situation if patronage increases this season.

"It's setting up Beresfield for certain failure," he said.

"Effectively leaving the season significantly reduced and then asking the residents to increase patronage is setting the residents up for failure.

"I had a perfectly good motion on the table which would have brought fairness and equity to the situation and I'm extremely disappointed that I couldn't get the support of my fellow ward four councillors."

Beresfield Swimming Club says the reduction in operating hours at the local pool is a 'kick in the guts' to the community.

President Greg Skinner says the decision to change the operating hours was made without consultation with the community.

"I think it's a real kick in the guts for the people of Beresfield," he said.

"They've certainly been disadvantaged and poorly represented I think by council in the ward four.

"The level of consultation with the community is negligible if not zero, certainly as president of the swimming club I have not been consulted other than being told by letter that the decision's been made."

Mr Skinner says the community is being disadvantaged by the changes.

"When you reduce the season by basically a third you've taken out those opportunities from a swimming club duration view point for instance, the opportunities for the learn to swim, the swimming club training, people to get value for a season pass, opportunity to get to there and enjoy the pool," he said.

"You're either going to choose another club, choose another facility, you look for other alternates."