The response from Washington to Hassan Rouhani's speech at the UN --- calling the Iranian President's latest diplomatic gesture a promising first start.

SOUNDBITE: White House Spokesman Jay Carney saying:

"We are very interested in testing the assertions about that interest on behalf of the Iranians in resolving this conflict diplomatically."

Carney tempered his enthusiasm adding:

SOUNDBITE: White House Spokesman Jay Carney saying:

"Actions are what matter and substantive negotiations over Iran's nuclear program will be the test, will provide the test over whether Iran is serious about resolving the international community's concerns and we are engaged in that process. As you know, Secretary Kerry will be with his Iranian counterpart in the P5+1 peace process this week. So, that's the beginning of what we hope will be progress towards resolving this problem." (cover the bite w/ meeting pics)

In Jerusalem --- officials are wary of Iran's more genial public face.

SOUNDBITE: Spokesperson of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Regev saying:

"Our concern is, that the Iranian promises, the Iranian words of good faith, are in fact a smokescreen, a cover for the continuation of their aggressive nuclear programs. And what are the facts? Israel will look at what Iran does, not what it says. And we would urge the international community to do exactly the same."

Iran's fist test comes later this week when U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with his Iranian counterpart --- the first time in more than six years that high level officials have sat down together.