Farmers and environmentalists protesting Coal Seam Gas (CSG) drilling have been removed from a NSW government energy summit in Sydney.

The state is under pressure from the federal government to develop CSG mining, with Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane saying he wants to extract "every molecule" of gas.

Mr Macfarlane joined NSW Resources Minister Chris Hartcher, former federal resources minister Martin Ferguson and industry heavyweights at the Energy Security Summit on Thursday.

They say they are trying to find a solution to energy price spikes and a crisis in natural gas supply.

But groups opposed to CSG are angry they've been locked out of the talks.

A handful of protesters turned up at the summit but were kicked out of the foyer by security while speaking to the media.

New England farmer David Quince described CSG mining as "a melanoma".

"It's not about securing gas for Australia, it's about shooting it offshore so a minority of people will make an extreme amount of money at the detriment of a lot of other people, especially farmers," he told AAP.

Pepe Clarke, CEO of the Nature Conservation of NSW, said: "This is not about gas supply for NSW, this is about accelerating the development of an export industry.