After eight years, Mel B is back in the music biz.

But, this time she's she's shedding her Scary Spice persona -- and some of her clothes in the video for her latest dance track, "Once in my Life."

SOUNDBITE: Mel B, singer, saying (English):

"It's just about releasing all the excess baggage. Forgetting what people think about you and just living your life in that moment for you. That's why in the video I start off in the business suit and I just rip that off, that is just like symbolic, it was a bit sassy pants."

In the video Mel gets a little steamy -- planting a few kisses on herself. She says she's just driving home the message of positive self-esteem for women. But some are sure to speculate...

As for talk of another Spice Girls reunion, she says she always hopes the girls get back together like they did at last year's London Olympics.

But in the meantime, she's focused on just one thing.

SOUNDBITE: Mel B, singer, saying (English):

"Hopefully I'll get in the studio and write another good, great song and release it again. I'm just doing it by baby steps."