The country's Energy Regulator Commissioner says a new government website which compares electricity prices could end up saving a Newcastle family hundreds of dollars a year.

The '' website is designed to allow householders and small business owners to compare providers and prices without any pressure from retailers.

The ACCC is currently pursuing legal action against several energy retailers over alleged false or misleading door-to-door sales techniques.

Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes says the site is independent and allows consumers to make simple comparisons.

"Say, for a family of two, the savings are up to around $330 per annum," she said.

"But that increases to about $590 for a family of five, and that's in that postcode of 2300, which covers a broad area of Newcastle.

"It really is worth going on the site. It takes very little time, and the potential savings for a family are quite sizeable."

Commissioner Cifuentes hopes the new website ensures locals are not stung by dodgy door-to-door salespeople.

"What we're finding is that consumers do actually want to get the best deal but there's just so much information out there that it's very difficult for them to actually make informed decisions, particularly when it comes to comparing multiple offers from a number of retailers," she said.

"The Energy Made Easy website is a government website, it's independent."